Membership Details and Pricing

Icebox Cryotherapy’s Membership Perks Are Cooler Than Ever Before!

In love with Icebox Cryotherapy? Take things to the next level and become a member! Icebox’s Cool Experience membership is full of countless perks that’ll leave you feeling even more incredible, more frequently. Now, its easier than ever to step into the Icebox and treat yourself to cryotherapy sessions!

Level 1

$69 /month

4 Whole Body Treatments

  • 2 Compression Therapies

Level 2

$99 /month

6 Whole Body Treatments

  • 3 Compression Therapies
  • 20% off other services

Level 3

$189 /month

Unlimited Whole Body

  • 8 Compression Therapies
  • 30% off other services