Icebox to Go!

Ice hole swimming

For die hard Cryotherapy users, traveling for more than a week can cause distress.

For someone like me, I try to use Cryotherapy 2-3 times a week, and since my family and I love to travel, I’ve had to get creative in my pain management relief. Seven years ago, after I became hooked on Cryo, it was almost impossible to find a Cryotherapy studio. Nowadays, in 2019, you can find a Cryotherapy studio in almost every major city in the United States and Europe.

Owning a Cryotherapy business, I am always curious how other studios do business and “sell” the magic of Cryo. So, it not only helps my aching body, but it also turns into a research & development visit.

I’ve been in this business since the beginning of the Cryotherapy phenomenon that hit the US. I’ve opened up 4 stores, used 5 different types of Cryotherapy machines, and tried every type that is available in the US.

icebox to goMost consumers won’t know the difference between a good or bad Cryotherapy machine. They might think that if it gets cold, it is working. However, I’m a Cryo snob, and I know the best on the market.

It’s not because I own them, but because I’ve tried them all, and I use them not only as a consumer but also as an operator.

Europe is the king of the manufacturer of Cryotherapy machines. They’ve been doing it for a long time, and they do it well. There are now some new US companies popping up that are assembling machines, but in my opinion, they aren’t quite there yet. They are about 5 years behind the European developers.

The new machines from Europe are safer, more efficient, look aesthetically better and, did I say safer…?

Safety in this industry is the most important thing. Real Cryotherapy machines use Nitrogen and if not used properly, Nitrogen can be harmful. This is why it is so important to use the right machine and go to a professional studio. Find a studio where all they do is Cryo. So many spas are now adding Cryotherapy to their services, but they don’t specialize in it.

Find a studio, like Icebox, where all they do is Cryotherapy, and chances are they will do it well! If you can’t find a great studio when your traveling, there is always the dreaded hotel ice bath method…

Icebox studios has a great assortment of “Icebox to go” retail items that will help with your aches & pains at home or easy to pack in your suitcase.

Happy New Year, and see you soon at Icebox!